Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Old meets new

Did you go to the Antique Show and Sale, organized by the North Bay Legion, a few weeks ago? I find antique shows so much fun, partly because of the atmosphere, but even more because of the unknown treasures that await. 

There is definitely room for antiques in my design world. In fact, I find the mix between old and new very appealing. For the “old-meets-new” to marry smoothly, make sure the pieces have something in common. It can be the shape of the legs, a certain pattern in the design, texture. They should also be of compatible quality and size. If none of this is present, make it work through paint! Simply paint the new piece(s) in a colour that is already present in the room, or in a complementary colour to makes it stand out. Here are a few items that caught my eye at the show.

This ornate wooden bench in new upholstery would be gorgeous in a front hall. It's just the perfect size. With a large-scale fabric, it would work also in a modern environment. I would be tempted to paint the wood white for a fresh, crisp look.

This beautiful wooden bowl would be a fantastic centrepiece on a large harvest table. Imagine it with green apples in it, for a simple, natural look. Or with shiny silver-like objects for contrast. Bling! I can also envision it on the floor in a casual living room flanked by linen-upholstered couches for a rustic look.

A Canadian classic! Shouldn't every Canadian home have a Hudson Bay blanket? These cost $125 at the show and came in an earthy yellow stripe and bold orange. 

How smart! Apply embroidery to a bland pillow for a more elaborate look.

This amazing candelabra will make your dining room sparkle. It would fit both in a modern setting and a more traditional environment. The price tag? $95 a pair.

Pottery is a great way to add personality and colour to your home. Display a collection in various shapes and colours, or have one or two over-sized, dramatic pieces. I found this tear-dropped, turquoise bowl beautiful in its simplicity. $70.

If I were to pick one favourite from the show, these slender candleholders would be it. Like so many of the other objects I liked at the show, these are classic pieces that work in both contemporary and traditional settings. $95 a pair.

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