Monday, 14 March 2011

Rugs that rock

Colourful rugs are in right now, but from what I have seen, they are pretty rare in North Bay. On my latest explorations in town I saw mostly neutral rugs. Neutral is also fine. In fact, neutral is great; it gives flexibility to add colour and pizazz through pillows, curtains and accessories instead.
Rugs are a good choice if you instantly want to warm up and define a space. They are also ideal if you want to divide the room in various sections where different activities will take place. When using several rugs in a room, make sure that the colours coordinate and that the styles are compatible. 
One common mistake is to buy a too small a rug. For living-room rugs, at least the front legs of armchairs and couches should be on the rug. This anchors and ties the space together. An important thing for rugs in dining rooms is that you should be able to smoothly move your chair back and forth. 
Go for a wool rug if your budget allows it. Or put aside money until you can afford it! Nothing beats the soft and luxuriant feel of wool. For a more cost-efficient rug option, buy the appropriate quantity of broadloom and let the store add binding around the edges. 

Here are my favourite rugs in North Bay as of today:

This hand-tufted geometric piece at Stradwick's is 100% wool and measures 5' x 8'. A beige couch and light-blue armchairs would be very stylish with this rug.

                      Also at Stradwick's, this rug has a soft, luxurious look. With its subtle combination of beige and pale pink, it has a feminine feel to it. I envision it in a bedroom, with lots of pink and purple accessories. 5' x 8'. $1,199.

A traditional, synthetic rug, 8' x 11', in greenish-brown tones. Could work in an elegant dining room. $549.

Another synthetic rug, this with an interesting, botanical motif. If used in the living room, make sure the coffee table is transparent, so that the pattern is not lost. $439.

This one is not beige!! I'm still at Stradwick's. This rust-coloured wool rug would be great with a beige/white couch and small-patterned pillows. Why not throw in some turquoise accessories to spice it up? $599.

These samples are adorable! You buy the carpet itself per square foot at Stradwick's. The price ranges between $4.29 and $16.39. Add $1.50 per linear foot for binding. Makes for a cost-efficient alternative, and it is wool! They come in a multitude of colours and patterns. I especially love the blue diamond on white and the yellow diamond on white. Rugs in these patterns would give a fresh and clean touch to a bedroom or casual living room. 

This round seagrass rug is also a great buy. I found it at Rug-A-Roo for $159. It measures 4'8" and would be perfect on a patio. Seagrass, sisal, hemp, and jute make for natural, genuine environments and can still be very stylish. 
These two Rug-A-Roo rugs would work in both formal and more casual environments. They are like the black dress that you can play either up or down. The left-hand rug makes quite a graphic statement. Repeat the grid pattern elsewhere in the room, maybe with a pillow, artwork or any other decoration. $519 and $299 respectively.

Isn't this rug just something? I love it because of its rich texture. It's a statement rug. And the price isn't bad, $750 for a 5' x 8' wool rug. A plush living room comes to mind. It could also work in a very spacious front entrance. Place a round, sculptural table in the middle of it and don't forget a bouquet of fresh, pink, white or orange tulips. Stewart's Decorating.
Hurry, hurry to get this great wool rug if you have a beach-style home. On sale for $99 at Stewart's Decorating. 5' x 7'.
Nice border! This rug would work in both a living room and a dining room. $794 at Stewart's.

Doesn't Candice Olsen have a great sense of style? This pale green wool rug measures 8' x 11' and is available at Stewart's for $2,629.

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