Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Something green for your home

St.Patrick’s Day is around the corner and those of us who remember will put on something green. But what about green for our homes? I decided to go to the Green Store to see what is available in terms of green home decoration. Here is what I found:

Different shades of green on these Muskoka chairs made from recycled plastic. $299 each.

Baskets add a warm, natural touch to our homes. I like this in green and white. $18.99. 
This multicoloured basket is a lot of fun. $14.99.

Green goes well with aubergine as seen in this cozy throw. $69.99.

This rag rug feels fresh and summery. $29.99.

I love the yellowish green shade of this cotton runner. It will be a beautiful contrast on a dark-stained dining table and goes very well with silver. $29.99.  

Oh, the Green Store decorators have already figured that out.

Napkins and placemats in different shades of green...
This quilt puts me in a beach mood with its cheerful applications. $69.99.

Flowerpots for lovers of greenery. The light-green shade feels happy and summery. $6.99 and $21.99 respectively.
Isn’t this a fun set of breakfast bowl and plate? $7.99 each. 
The pale pink flower really plays up the beauty of the bluish green shade on this mug. $9.95.
It looks as if this little guy needs a friend. $22.99. 

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