Friday, 11 March 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Mirrors are often used to bring light to dark corners and to make a small space look bigger. They are perfect for that! But mirrors are not ideal just anywhere. Avoid putting them right in front of a window or a door, especially if it is the front entrance. In those locations, mirrors act as barriers and detract from the welcoming feeling that you want to create. Also think twice about putting them in any area of your home where you want to feel completely relaxed. 
On the other hand, what better way to capture a beautiful view or to reflect a nice plant or candlelight than a mirror! Try a round or oval mirror for a change. Homes are mostly rectangular and square anyway, and cupboards, windows, and so on add to that. Break up the shapes a bit! 
So, who in the land is fairest of all? Here are my North Bay picks.

I found this mirror at Winners. if you want a touch of glamour, this one is for you. Its sparkly, mosaic frame is sure to bring light into your home. And the price tag is right: $59.99. 
In general, I like the range of mirrors that Winners offers. It covers oversized show stoppers, smaller accent mirrors and everything in between. 

The Great Room is another good place for mirrors. I have seen these two from Renwil there. Aren't they gorgeous? I would buy two of the rectangular mirror and put them side by side, for even more of an impact. Winners has also carried a similar mirror, so watch for it in the store.

The distressed wood look is in, we saw that at IDS11 in Toronto. In North Bay, you can find this style at Vested Interest and Winners. Alger Furniture also has a unique wood-framed mirror which I envision in a front hall in a home devoted to a modern cottage style.
Square mirror at Vested Interest.
Rustic mirror à la Winners.

The frame almost looks like twigs. Alger Furniture. 

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