Monday, 21 March 2011

Let fabrics be your colour guide

Having a hard time knowing how to combine colours? A visit to the fabric store will solve that problem. Look for fabrics that catch your eye. For example, you might look for something blue. Pull out fabric rolls where blue is represented together with other colours. On the edge of the roll you will find a chart of all the colours that have been used. This is your guide to successful colour combinations! Buy a small sample of the fabric of your choice, pick the colours you want to use and let your paint store match them. Easy, peasy! And the best of all: you don’t even have to use the fabric! You are just using the colours that a professional textile designer has selected.

Check out these fabulous fabrics that I pulled out from the shelves:

This wonderful fabric has everything going for it: a happy pattern, vibrant colours, incredible $8 per meter (on sale at Fabricland) and the quality (90% linen 10% cotton - yes, I love natural fibres). The background colour is actually white, even though it looks greenish on this image. For anybody looking for a pop of colour in an otherwise white colour scheme, look no further! Think upholstered ottoman, or one statement armchair, maybe a set of curtains. Then pick one or two colours from the pattern for accessories. Wow! If you merely want to use the fabric as inspiration for a complete palette, I would probably choose two, or maybe three, of the vibrant hues and combine them with neutrals. 
The colour scheme of this stylish pattern is more limited, and maybe easier to work with, than the previous fabric. All these colours work beautifully together. $24 per meter at Fabricland.

Red and beige go very well together. But exactly which reds? This elegant fabric in 100% cotton gives you a range of shades to work with. $32 per meter at Fabricland.

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  1. This is such an awesome tip!!! Colour me excited to try this out in my bedroom. Thanks!


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