Friday, 25 March 2011

Five ways to make a small room seem bigger

Small is great when it comes to nurseries and dens. We want these rooms to feel cozy and intimate. But what about spaces that we want to seem larger? These five rules will do the trick: 
  1. Choose light colours for the walls and ceiling. Paint the doors and the trim the same colour as the walls. Think unity. Avoid breaking up the room into sections. 
  2. Choose furniture and accessories with reflective surfaces. Glossy doors on the media cabinet or a shiny side table will make the light bounce around in the room. Add a mirror or two on the walls.
  3. Use as few pieces of furniture as possible. Avoid intense colours and big patterns in the upholstery.  
  4. Keep the window treatments simple. If you want curtains with a pattern, make sure the background colour of the fabric matches the walls.
  5. Wall-to-wall carpeting will visually expand the room. Or use one big area rug.
And here is a bonus rule, which actually applies to everything in our homes: keep only what is either beautiful, functional or what you really love. Clutter control helps any space feel airy!

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