Monday, 28 March 2011

Cottage-style wallpapers

If you want to change the look of a room but don’t know exactly how, take a look at wallpaper. Wallpaper provides texture, depth and adds interest. It also helps you determine the colour scheme of the room.
Wallpaper comes in many colours, patterns and styles. The following samples, for example, are excellent choices for a cottage-style home. The price range is $30 to $70 per single roll. I found them at Stradwick's.

This wallpaper would look good with beadboard or wainscotting in a soft grey. Add red accents and you have a winner! Crown Wallpaper + Fabrics.
Blue and white is a classic colour combination for cottage style. Complement the paper with blues in any shade, bright blue if you want a bit of a modern twist. White furniture will bring crispness to the room. Or throw in the odd chair in a cheery yellow for some fun! Crown Wallpaper + Fabrics.
This dramatic Arts and Crafts-inspired wallpaper would also work in a contemporary environment. You might choose to cover only one wall with the paper and make it into a feature wall. The pattern has a lot of black in it, so choose lighter colours for furniture and accessories. Red wooden chairs would look fantastic in a room with this wallpaper. Crown Wallpaper + Fabrics.
I envision both of the wallpapers above in a powder room or in a feminine bedroom. Checked upholstery would add to the cottage feel. Crown Wallpaper + Fabrics.
Yellow, orange, pink, green or white - take your pick! Any of these colours will work with this delicate small print. Pelican Small Prints.  

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