Saturday, 11 June 2011

Summer essentials from Winners

Pink, orange, yellow, turquoise... When it comes to summer accessories and seasonal furniture, it's all about colour. And colour was precisely what I found during my latest visit to Winners. I just can't get enough of summer lanterns for the patio, bright and happy pillows for the hammock, and multicoloured baskets. Or is it that I just can't get enough of summer? Have a look at some of my finds. They are all from Winners in North Bay:

"Boho chic" pillow in summery colours. $29.99 for
a set of two.
This 4' x 6' cotton area rug is a bargain for $19.99.
Baskets are your best friends when it comes to
keeping your home organized and tidy. These 
pretty pieces come in three sizes and the price
range is $14.99 to $29.99. 
Hopefully, we'll get lots of use of a pair of beach
chairs this year!
More fun lanterns and a cool vase, that could also
double as a candle holder. $12.99 and $19.99 
Three-piece patio set for $129.99 The mosaic 
decoration gives the table and chairs a fresh, 
oriental touch.
Use it as a stool or a side table, but
treat it with care. It's pottery! $39.99.

Serve your cool drinks on this stylish
rainbow-coloured tray. $9.99.

An interesting way to display your potted 
plants is to group them in a miniature 
That idea is implemented here, in a similar
greenhouse. What do you think?

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