Friday, 24 June 2011

Great summer fabrics

Why not take on an indoor project while you're waiting for sunnier skies? I found some great outdoor fabrics from Fabricland that could be used to make pillow cases and table cloths for you patio furniture. An easy way to inject colour and raise the summer spirit! And the price tag is right: just $8 per meter. 

Beautiful ikat print in blue, beige and white, the
ultimate summer colour combination.
A big print with a botanical motif that would work
well as a table cloth or a big cushion. Big prints
are best suited for bigger surfaces, where the
pattern can be fully appreciated.
This colour combination is also a summer classic.
I love this kind of graphic, two-colour print. 

Colourful patterns on a white background
always feel crisp and clean. This fabric 
can be combined with a range of solids. 
Just look at the colours represented in the
print and pick your favourite. 
You can never go wrong with stripes! 
And here is the ultimate vinyl summer cloth!

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