Thursday, 2 June 2011

Craftsmanship along Powassan backroads

Last weekend I was a tourist in my own community. Instead of continuing home on the highway, I took the scenic route, along backroads that I previously hadn't travelled. On my way, I stopped at two local furniture operations; Jay's Furniture and Follow Your Heart Woodworking.

Jay's Furniture has a brand-new showroom close to Powassan. His range of wood furniture is quite large and is handcrafted by Mennonites in southern Ontario. I like his mix of traditional and more contemporary pieces.

Not far from Jay's Furniture, I found Follow Your Heart Woodworking. This operation is run by Julie Rose. She is a passionate woodworker who designs and builds a range of solid wood furniture and accessories. I especially like her signs and rustic pieces with a distressed look, often in bright colours.

Here are some of the highlights from my backroad adventure:
This hutch buffet would fit well
in a modern rustic environment.
$1170. Jay's Furniture.

Buffet from the same collection. $895.

Clean lines on this dining set with Parson-style
chairs. $2280. Jay's Furniture.

This double pedestal table and chairs come in
your choice of wood and stain colour. This set
is in cherry and costs $3365. Jay's Furniture.
Colourful display of fun signs. The 
one that says Trout Lake came home
with me. Follow Your Heart Woodworking.
Wooden boxes, perfect for sorting 
papers (it is more fun when the
boxes are nice, like these!). Follow 
Your Heart Woodworking.
"Harvest-style" coffee table. I like the intense
blue on this piece. Follow Your Heart Woodworking.
Hutch in the same intense blue. 
Follow Your Heart Woodworking.
White desk in a distressed finish. Follow Your
Heart Woodworking.


  1. Hi Nina,
    Thanks so much for featuring me at your blog. It was a pleasure to show you my workshop and wood creations!

  2. Hi Julie, Thanks for your comment and thanks for having me. I enjoyed seeing your shop and your work! And I love my "Trout Lake" sign:-)


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