Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Art and fashion at The Farm

Peek through the windows of the FARM in downtown North Bay and you know you've found something unique. Inside, the place is buzzing with creativity. That's what happens when you combine a retail boutique with an onsite workshop. The artists of this fashion and art collective are right here, working on their creations, and their energy is contagious. 

The idea of the FARM's retail store is to provide products that are handmade, locally made, Canadian made or eco conscious. Perfect for us who appreciate something out of the ordinary! If you are shopping for one-of-a-kind artwork and accessories for yourself and your home, this is definitely a place to visit. 

Here are a few shots from the store:

The open-space environment where the FARM is located
is worth a visit in itself. Wooden floors, textured brick
and white, illuminated walls are a nice backdrop for
fashion and art. 
Fresh and expressive pieces by Gillian McLaren
and Jaymie Lathem
Photography with a local connection by Liz Lott.
Lis is one of the FARM's member artists. She owns
Hibou Boutique, northern Ontario's first
bring-your-own-bag shop, which shares the space
with the FARM!
Interesting, large photography on vinyl by 
Louise Goulet. 
Canadiana pillows by graphic designer 
and screenprinter Nicole Tarasick. 
Danielle Fraser's decorations in mixed media.
When did you last see a beautiful mosaic detail on 
a floor in downtown North Bay?
Well, that's a way to add a splash of colour!
A painted chandelier with paint chips in my 
favourite colour.
And if there was any doubt, the FARM = Fashion 
Art Retail Market and not pick your own produce;-)

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