Monday, 6 June 2011

Getting the hang of art

Two rows of three pieces of art is a classic grouping. 
Leave the same space between the frames for an 
organized look. 
It’s Monday and time for a question from a reader: "I have no idea what to put on my walls. They are completely empty now. Do you have any budget-friendly tips?"
Answer: Here is an easy tip: Frame several items and create your own mini art gallery! Hung together in a group, the pieces make a visual statement that is often more interesting than just one or two large pieces of art. Use black-and-white photos, pictures from a magazine, beach finds, or anything else that you like the look of and want to showcase. To make the pieces work together, link them by colour palette or by theme. If there isn't any such common element, use identical frames to display your treasures... Wide mats will make them look even more impressive. 

The most unexpected things can be art. Just 
use your imagination and have an open mind. 
This solar panel, for example, caught my eye 
at the North Bay Home and Garden Expo. Its 
simple, black-and-white pattern is graphic and 
effective. I would love to use it as solar panel...
but would be equally happy to put it up on my
Do you have any other budget-friendly tips?

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