Sunday, 19 June 2011

The beauty of a hidden TV

In my book, the perfect place for a TV is behind sliding doors.

Happy Farther’s Day! This blog is about TVs and their role in interior design. Why do I write about this on Father’s Day? Well, TVs are very important in many people’s lives, and especially so for our male friends on hockey nights. The question then is: just because it is a cherished object, should it have prime location in a room? My simple answer is: no! TVs, when turned off, are like a big (often huge) black hole in the wall. From a design perspective, that’s not so stylish. 
Here are three tips on how to avoid making the TV the centrepiece of a room:

1) Find an alternative location for it, either in the same room or elsewhere.
2) Camouflage it. Place a big painting or other big objects close to the TV.
3) Hide it. Many media cabinets can host TVs behind closed doors. Shelving hidden by sliding doors is also a good option. 

Without a TV dominating the space, your room will feel so much lighter. It will also give the other objects a chance to shine!


  1. You're right Nina that a TV should not be centrepiece of a room. What I did was, I turn it into an artwork when the TV is off, and when I want to watch my favorite program I just press the remote to roll up the printed canvas.

    frame my tv

  2. I love the plain style on that picture! Because I am also not that good in playing with prints and very decorative things but then I still want to try on a creative hidden television design.


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