Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Ten slick sofas (plus an armchair)

Hunting for a couch can be challenging. Not only does it have to look stylish, it also has to be comfortable and practical. And, the price tag must be right.

Here are a few tips to make your next sofa purchase a lot easier:

- Know in advance where the couch is going. Take measurements and determine the maximum width and height of your future sofa.

- Be specific about your functional requirements. How many should the couch seat? Should it stand rough treatment from little ones? Pets?

- Think about what style of couch would look good. Does your room call for an ornate couch with rounded arms and back, or should the sofa have simpler lines?

- Determine if you want a solid-coloured couch or a patterned. If there is already a lot of pattern in the room, on curtains, rug, etc, it will look better with a solid colour. When visiting stores, ask for samples of different upholstery options to try at home.

- Shop around. Take photos, write down measurements and price. Then go home and look at the photos, try the upholstery options and make a decision.

Here are 10 slick sofas (plus an armchair) from North Bay stores:

I'm a big fan of "condo-sized" couches. They have
a much more "human" scale than the typical over-
sized sofa. The proportions are also slicker. This
couch is from the Great Room and costs $1620.
Look how great it is with orange and red!
This Canada-made couch is "a designer favourite" 
at Alger Furniture & Appliances. It costs $1499,
has clean lines and a variety of upholstery options.
Imagine how beautiful it would look in these fabrics:

Leather is practical if you have kids and pets
(watch out for sharp claws though!). This leather
sofa is from Sears. $2249.
Elegant lines on this sofa with nailhead details. 
And the upholstery options are almost endless! 
It is part of Leon's Cobistyle selection. You should
check it out! $1299.
I like the curved arm and nailheads on this couch. 
Below are some of my upholstery favourites:

A three-seater with rounded arms from Sears.
A sectional couch is a good choice if you have the
space and need a lot of seating, like in a family 
room. Different modular pieces are often joined 
together to create a sectional. This gives a lot of
flexibility, since you can move the pieces around 
and try various configurations. This piece is from
the Great Room and costs $4486.
This sectional is from North Bay Home Furniture.
With two seat cushions and one single piece as back
rest, the look of this sofa bed is clean and stylish.
$1099 at Sears.
A Brentwood Classic, now 40% off at Cleopatra
(originally $2400). Instead of the tray which is
seen in this photo, you have the option to include
a third seat cushion and back support. The couch
comes with beautiful upholstery options. See two
examples below:

If you have a tighter budget, you might be 
interested in this contemporary, faux-leather 
couch from the Brick. $399. And why not add
a fun chair to go with it, like the zebra print 
below. Also at the Brick. $179.

Which couch is your favourite?

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