Friday, 27 May 2011

Curtain tips that do the trick

Change the visual proportions of a room with these easy tips:

- Make a small window look bigger by locating the curtain rod higher than the window (seven inches as a minimum if your ceiling height allows for it). The window will also look wider if the rod extends beyond the window (twenty inches or so). This will make the curtains surround the window without covering it.

- A curtain with vertical stripes will make the ceiling look higher. If you want the opposite effect, go with a horizontally-striped pattern.

- A large room can handle large patterns, so think big. For small rooms, a smaller print is a safer bet. Having said that, some designers believe that you can make a small room look bigger with big patterns... (Your best option is to buy a small sample of the fabric and try it in the space.)

- Choose a solid curtain, preferably in a light colour, if the view is beautiful. On the contrary, if you want to detract from a not-so-nice view, go with a colourful, patterned fabric.

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