Monday, 16 May 2011

Cool, all-white bathroom

A well-chosen shower curtain
can transform an all-white 
bathroom. This curtain is from 
Canadian Tire's Debbie Travis 

Happy Monday! Here is a question from a reader: 

“We are in the middle of a bathroom reno. We have chosen to go with simple white tiles. Now I am looking for a shower curtain, bath mat and accessories. Do you have any colour suggestions? The colour scheme for the rest of the house is green.”
And here is my answer: I suggest you introduce some pattern and texture in your all-white bathroom. Start with the shower curtain. A patterned curtain in a “watery" hue such as light blue, turquoise or light green would look good. Let your bathroom mat pick up a colour from the pattern, and do the same for the towels. 

A black-and-white colour scheme is another option if you want a crisp, contemporary look

Soap dispenser, hangers and the likes would look sharp in a shiny metal finish. But take into account the finish on door handles, knobs and so on. You don't want to mix too many metals.

Another suggestion for adding interest in an all-white bathroom is to paint the ceiling a light, subtle colour. Repeat the colour, but in a darker shade, in towels and bath mat. Let the rest of the room remain white. It will look clean and cool - perfect for a bathroom!

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