Monday, 9 May 2011

Cozy blue bedroom

Here is a question from a reader: "I want to make my bedroom feel "cozier." The walls are a dark blue, and I can't paint them, and the space is quite large. I just want it to feel like a warm and relaxing space, instead of large and cold. Thanks in advance!"

This is a great question. Blue is a good colour for a bedroom, but sometimes it feels too impersonal and cold. This is especially true for rooms facing north and lacking direct sunlight. Here are three tips for making your blue room seem cozier:

1) Use fabrics. They will quickly warm up a space. Make an oversized frame (see below) and suspend a beautiful, patterned fabric on it. Hang it over the bed and let it camouflage the dark blue walls. Orange, yellow or red should be represented in the pattern. Repeat these warm hues elsewhere in the room, through pillows, bedspread and throws. 

2) Break up a large room into activity areas to make it seem smaller. For example, create a cozy reading nook in your bedroom. Screen it off with a plant or a small bookcase. Further define it with an area rug and textiles. Or why not place your bed in the middle of the room? Wrap it in curtain panels hanging from a ceiling suspension system. 

3) Use appropriate lighting. Let's face it, a ceiling fixture in the middle of a large room does not make for an inviting space. Instead, use a variety of lights. You need both functional lighting and mood lighting. More about that in a future blog.

Keep sending questions!
Yellow will warm up any cool blue.

Frame: Make a rectangular or square frame by using 1x2 lumber reinforced with a steel L-bracket in each corner.

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