Friday, 20 May 2011

Creating rooms within a room

My recently purchased lilac bushes are finally in the ground! As I step back to look at the result, I'm amazed at how they have changed this corner of the yard. Previously, it was an open area without defined boundaries. The space seemed to lack a soul.
Now the feeling is different. The lilac bushes form a comforting, green wall around the garden furniture. A small room has been created, one that I look forward to spending some time in. That was easy!
The same approach works inside the house; add some “structure” to a space, define it with area rugs, screens, plants or lighting, all according to what activity is going to take place there. Make it a space to long for, a destination. Just like my lilac-wrapped corner in the yard. I can't wait until the light mauve flowers open up and start filling the air with the scent of summer! Have a nice long weekend!

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