Sunday, 9 June 2013

Backsplash alternative for your kitchen

To select a kitchen backsplash can be difficult, but also very gratifying, since it has the potential to affect the whole atmosphere of the room. A backsplash can play whatever role you want it to play: the unifying element that ties the space together, or that "stand-out feature" that makes it come alive. 

Tiles are the most popular choice for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, but there are other alternatives worth taking into account. Back-painted glass is one such option. I like it because it is relatively inexpensive and provides lots of flexibility: the glass can be painted any colour you wish, and can also be applied on top of wallpaper. Here are some examples of Finnish kitchen designer Puustelli's take on backsplashes, as seen in their Stockholm showroom during my recent visit to the Swedish capital.
A bright wallpaper, combined with a back-painted glass backsplash,
steals the show in this contemporary kitchen display.

Close-up of the wallpaper.

Wallpaper covered by a sheet of glass becomes a
stylish backsplash.
The green from the patterned wallpaper is highlighted
in the back-painted glass.
This grey-and-white kitchen gets an injection of colour through
the red backsplash tiles.


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