Saturday, 22 June 2013

Happy summer decorating!

Nature is also a great place for inspiration.
Just look at the fantastic colour combinations
in this sea of lupins, as seen around North Bay
these days. 
A home that makes us happy - every time, every day - isn't that something to aspire to?

With relatively small measures, lovable, practical spaces can be created. And as we improve the comfort and beauty of our homes, our general sense of well-being is also often enhanced. What a thrilling thought! 

Since we all need some inspiration to get started, here are some great fabrics that I spotted at Stewart's Decorating and Fabricland in North Bay. They are good jumping-off points for a happy home these early days of summer.

Make sure you enjoy the longest days of the year. And get those creative, home decorating juices flowing!

Fabrics from Robert Allen's latest collections, with summery names such as Mango, Peony and Watermelon, as seen at Stewart's Decorating:

Happy summer fabrics from Fabricland in North Bay:

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