Saturday, 15 June 2013

A place of his own

A garage/workshop can be a great, special place for Dad,
especially if it's well organized with a place for every item,
like the space in the photo. Photo: Houzz, by California Closets.

Speaking of well-organized garages,
I've always liked this ad by storage solutions 
manufacturer elfa: "First love his wife. Second
love his elfa." And the guy is surrounded by a
great bike, tools and other toys!
Some years ago, I lived with my husband-to-be in a 400 square foot city condo. The apartment was practical, but without any space that either of us could call "our own". Not ideal.

The situation changed when we moved into our present house. Here we have common areas to enjoy, and also our own special places to go to from time to time. Much better.

Men's favourite hang-out places often feature chocolate brown leather couches, a huge flat-screen TV, an advanced sound system, and a fridge full of beer. That's the stereotypical man cave, and it's a great arrangement if it makes everybody happy.

But what if Dad sometimes wants to invite the rest of the family to share an activity? Then his special space would maybe look like the pictures below. 

Enjoy Father's Day and please share your comments on the ideal man cave! 

A real man cave has a place for some
heat! Photo: Houzz. Space by Bosworth
A room for office work and music.
Photo: Houzz, Lord Design.
This dark, dramatic room feels very "grown-up",
but will certainly also attract the kids of the family
thanks to the generous pool table. I love the
light fixtures! Photo: Houzz, Michael Abrams Limited.

Another pool table, this time in a bright, open space.
Photo:Houzz, by Synergy Design & Construction.
This is a great multi-activity room: light-filled and fun! Dad
will likely not have this room to himself though, for better or for
worse. Photo: Houzz, Menter Architects LLC.

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  1. Wow! Superbly design the room for office work and music and multi-activity room. I loved the pool tables. Simply, amazingly and stunningly designed the house.
    Kenneth bordewick


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