Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Vested Interest: The world at your doorstep

Whenever you feel like going somewhere exotic, save your plane ticket and visit Vested Interest Trading instead. Stepping into this store is like taking a trip around Asia and back to northern Ontario again. Inspiring and educational! I like how the wide product range appeals to all senses: scented placemats, interestingly shaped wooden objects, soft textiles and locally produced specialty food... An extra bonus is the dedication to Fair Trade. 
The store's furniture sale has been extended until the end of April, so I decided to check out a few favourites. Some unique accessories also made it to my list. Have a look at this: 
The different shades of blue make this bowl shimmer. $34.99.
This mat made of softly rounded stones is incredibly cool and probably very comfortable for bare feet. $79.99.
Chill out in this fun, all-weather bean bag chair this summer. It comes in a variety of colours – orange, lime green, red, burgundy, black, grey, brown, bright blue. Great on the deck, on the dock, in the tv room – just about anywhere! The all-weather lounger is the store's summer special at $99 (regular price $150). 
Book end or stand-alone sculpture. This expressive stone figure will add interest to your bookshelf. $34.99.
Shabby chic bench, which could also work as a casual coffee table. Various sizes, $179.99 to $199.99.
Cabinet with double diamond doors and carved flowers. $1,200.
I like slatted furniture, including this chair. $839.99 for a pair.
Nautical-looking frames in cool hues, $8.99 to $17.99.
Is it a table or a bowl? It can be both! $149.99. 
One example of Vested Interest's many root benches. $475.
Hang up a number of these beehive-shaped candle holders. Several colours available. $24.99.
I always find interesting things in the discount corner, like this textured blind. 35" wide, $39.99.
Elegant rattan chair gives warmth and texture to a dining room. $249.99.
Teak wood dining table. $1,499.99.
Wood pieces reclaimed from old Asian boats have cleverly been transformed into decorative wall art. $399.99.  

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