Monday, 11 April 2011

Accent pillows with attitude

Learn from the pros: the choice of bright green 
apples in front of this cozy couch corner at the 
Great Room is no coincidence.
Have fun with accent pillows! They are your chance to be bold and adventurous.

At a minimal cost, accent pillows can really change the mood of a space. Why not have different sets for different seasons? You can use them to highlight a colour, or to pick up a pattern from elsewhere in the room.

There are lots of wonderful fabrics out there which, fairly easily, can be transformed into gorgeous pillow covers (see some of my blogs on "fabulous fabrics"). Easier, of course, is to buy the pillows already made. Check out these for example. They will make any space sing!

The bird application on this accent pillow is so sweet! Stewart's Decorating.

More birds at Stewart's.

What says spring more than flowers? Stewart's.

Bright red with golden circles at the Great Room.

This is a good example of an accessory with lots of texture. I would probably buy this now but hang on to it until the winter, because of its wooly, warm feel. Stewart's Decorating.

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