Wednesday, 27 April 2011

One-of-a-kind at Art on Main

Bruce Cull is one of the artists
represented at Art on Main.

There is a special satisfaction in buying "one-of-a-kind": nobody else will have the same thing. In addition, if you know that the piece you just brought home is made by a local artist, the sense of pride and contentment is double. What a great starting point for creating a personalized and unique space! 

Art on Main in downtown North Bay boasts a wide range of original objects. The artists' collective has paintings, sculptures, photography, pottery, wood, weaving, basketry and more. I am amazed at how the gallery always seems to offer something for every taste. Here you find contemporary art alongside traditional images of northern Ontario. And inventive jewellry shares the shelves with functional pottery. Eclectic! 

These are some of the items that caught my eye during my most recent visit:

                          Sergio Golod's colourful glass plates are absolutely stunning.
I love the combination of objects in this cheery wall tapestry by multi-media artist Rachel Robitaille.  "Bollywood Salsa".
Another decorative wall tapestry by Rachel Robitaille. "Sapphire Adventure".
Rachel Robitaille also creates beautiful jewellry, like this necklace made of green stones.
One-of-a-kind wooden bowl by Michael Mathieu. The wood is taken from locally harvested trees.
This pottery set is so different and fun! Rosemary Thomas.
Pat Stamp's pottery (above and below) is genuine with a hint of whimsical.

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