Friday, 15 April 2011

Top three home staging tips

Are you planning to sell your home this spring? Follow these home staging tips from Cheryl Ward of Ivy Home Staging for a successful result:
1. Brighten & Lighten: Open the drapes and turn on the lights. You want your potential buyers to be able to see your home. It makes a room more inviting and your buyers won’t be fumbling for the light switch.

2.De-Clutter: Visual clutter is a real turnoff for potential buyers and they cannot see past the clutter. Pick up and hide the clutter. A good place to start is the refrigerator door; remove all magnets, pictures and take-out menus.

3. De-personalize: If there are too many personal items on display a buyer will not be able to picture themselves living in your home. Help buyers make that visualization by taking down family photos, diplomas and certificates, and sell your home!

Great advice for a faster sale! 

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