Saturday, 10 August 2013

Great rooms for kids

A happy and relaxed room is a good foundation for a happy and relaxed little one. And, as parents, that's what we want!

Here are five key components that go into a great space for a young child:

1) Soft colours for a good night's sleep
Yes, I know, many kids love strong colours. But if the room is for sleeping in, you're better off choosing a mellow colour scheme that will keep your darling calm. A red bedroom is not a good idea. This toddler's bedroom was originally blue, which felt moody and dark. I picked a light yellow colour and paired it with soft greys, beiges and the odd hint of orange. The result is sunny and happy. 

2) Be creative when it comes to art
Who needs "real" art when children's paintings are so colourful and dynamic? I used a mix of frames, added a few bought pieces and achieved a whimsical and highly personal focal wall.

3) Make it playful - use pattern
Quilts are ideal for kids' rooms. They can be your guide for a complete, harmonious colour scheme. That's what happened here; most of the colours in the quilt are repeated elsewhere in the room. Keep your eyes open for fabulous quilts in our local stores!

4) Bring in movement through a mobile
Movement is life, and few things provide it so subtly as mobiles. Attached to the ceiling in one corner of the room, this paper mobile quietly calls for attention.

5) Storage boxes: your life saviour
This is probably the most important component. You want to be able to tuck away all these adorable soft toys, books, lego pieces, and other kid essentials. Shelves, baskets, containers and boxes are your best friends. Don't forget the storage space under the bed!

Do you have other good ideas for kids' roooms?

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