Saturday, 24 August 2013

Customizing IKEA

Superfront's products include marble, limestone
and lacquered tops, to be combined with nine 
differently patterned fronts, eight handle and
leg options in twelve different colours, for IKEA's
Faktum, Bestå and Pax cabinets and wardrobes.
The new IKEA catalogue is out, and as always it's filled with inspiring interiors and smart design.

I avoid decorating a room entirely with pieces from a big box store, but I think it's perfectly fine to throw them in here and there, according to the "save and splurge" philosophy.

What I really like though, is when a big box store find is tweaked and renewed with the help of a few new components, creating unique and highly personalized pieces. 

That's the business idea of the brand new Swedish company Superfront. The firm offers a wide range of fronts, handles, tops, legs and sides for existing IKEA cabinet bases. I visited their Stockholm showroom this summer and was very impressed by their versatile pieces, and how a basic IKEA product can look so exclusive and stylish while still maintaining a sensible price.

Let's hope we can buy Superfront's pieces here in Canada soon!  

Untreated brass and copper, leather and lacquered steel are
some of the materials used in the company's door knobs.



  1. Hi Nina!

    We are very happy to read that you like what we do! We hope we will be able to ship to Canada very soon. It is only a matter of time until we can do that when it comes to legs and handles. The fronts might take a little longer. Sign up for our newsletter on to know exactly when it will be.

    Again - super happy you like our stuff!

    Monica @ Superfront

  2. Thanks, Monica, we'll try to be patient!


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