Saturday, 17 August 2013

Crystal clear design

An absolutely gorgeous - and huge! -
glass fixture, as seen at last year's
Interior Design Show in Toronto. The
glass top prevents the table from
feeling overly big.  
Do you recognize any of these situations in your home environment?

1) Big and bulky furniture.
2) Space is tight.
3) Dark colour scheme or limited natural light. 
4) Many flat finishes and materials.
5) Mix of design styles.

Then you should consider introducing a transparent piece of furniture into your space. By being "barely there", it fills a function without taking up visual space. It also helps bounce light around, and can be a unifying element that brings different furniture styles together.

Choose between glass or acrylic materials, and try to protect the piece from scratches.

Here's some inspiration to give you a crystal clear idea of transparent pieces' functionality and beauty:

A glass wall in a realtor's office in Stockholm cuts out
sound and maintains the space bright and airy. Curtains
suspended from ceiling tracks offer visual privacy
when needed. 

This Murano glass fixture
feels light and unobtrusive. 

Another version of Philippe Starck's Ghost
Chair. This piece is called Casper and is
from the Great Room in North Bay.

I specified this Richelieu Swarovski crystal knob for 
a client's cabinetry, to introduce some reflection and
a glamorous touch. She loves the result!

Smart stool solution for a shower; it can
handle water and is visually light.

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