Friday, 24 May 2013

Eau Claire Gorge design destination

Want to combine some hiking and design? In that case, I recommend a visit to Eau Claire Gorge. Next to the entrance to the beautiful rapids is the studio of furniture designer and craftsman Michael Waram. Wooden chairs, dressers, tables, bowls, frames and candleholders fill the space. You'll find Mission-style pieces and mid-century Scandinavian designs in a wide range of wood species. Michael also does custom work, so go prepared with some pictures and measurements of your dream piece.

If you have more appetite for craftsmanship,
a visit to nearby Maxwell Pottery and Clermont Duval Art Gallery is also recommended. 

In Mattawa, "going on a hike" is just a pretext for taking in some interesting, local design, perfect for a weekend excursion!
Michael Waram's Mission-style furniture,
produced for Toronto-based Harvest House.
Michael Waram in his workshop on 1446 Peddlers Dr.,
next to the entrance to Eau Claire Gorge.

1950s-style teak chair.

More Mission style. Here's how
defines the style: Mission style, type of furniture
popular in the United States during the turn of the
20th century. The furniture, distinguished by its
simplicity of materials and design, arose out of the
Arts and Crafts-inspired movement led in the United
States by Gustav Stickley. Makers of this type of
furniture shared a belief in the social virtues of good
design and handcraftmanship.

Table and bowl.

Mirror and dresser.

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