Friday, 1 March 2013

Energy efficiency and your home

Hello March, bring on spring! Many of us are yearning for milder temperatures now - and the lower energy bills that they entail! And while there are many ways to conserve energy in our existing homes and businesses, it's with new construction that the largest savings can be made.
One way to improve energy performance is through Passive House buildings. Sophie Blain-Rogers of the company Green Leap in Callander is a big advocate of this approach to design and construction. 
"Homeowners would save a great deal on their energy bills and they would be more comfortable and proud in their homes", she comments.
The design fundamentals of Passive House buildings include specifications for building shape, orientation and surface area, passive solar gains, advanced windows, insulation and ventilation. Read more here. The Canadian Passive House Institute talks about energy performance savings in the range of 80 to 90 % compared to conventional Canadian construction. Well, that's what I call savings!

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