Friday, 29 March 2013

Design for the way we really live

Hurray for tulips and other cut flowers!
As the delicate blossoms of my white orchid quietly fall to the floor, I'm starting to get it: orchids simply aren't for me.

In fact, very few potted plants are for me. Only the sturdiest ones with lots of survivor instinct seem to make it past the one year mark. Lucky me then, that I love cut flowers so much! I'll just fill my home with lovely fresh flowers instead. That way, I'll be decorating around who I am and how I really live, instead of according to preconceived ideas about how "it should be".

It's like the homeowner who, despite current trends, forgoes open storage in the kitchen, because they know they won't be able to keep the shelves looking tidy. 

Or the couple who converts a formal living room into a home theatre, because when they entertain, everybody gathers in the kitchen anyways, and watching movies is what they love to do.

Self knowledge is half the battle when it comes to design. So this Easter, colourful bouquets of cut tulips and lilies adorn my home. I hope you, too, have found your ideal way to celebrate the weekend! Have a lovely Easter!

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