Thursday, 30 August 2012

Positively pattern

Cobistyle has a nice selection of 
vibrant and playful fabrics. They  
can make the dullest of corners 
For some of us, pattered fabric is a source of inspiration and pure joy. Others just can't stand it. Whatever your preference, patterned fabric can give any design project a direction, especially when it comes to colour. Look at any patterned fabric that pleases your eye and see what colours have been used. You can safely copy the same colour combinations in your own space without actually using the fabric. Let it be your design guide.

At a recent client visit, a patterned fabric caused both my client and me to smile. It had such a friendly, cheery disposition that was contagious. Covering two gorgeous Steven and Chris chairs, it will greet the homeowners every time they enter the room. It will spread happiness, and that is what I love about carefully designed and decorated spaces; they positively affect how we feel.

And here's the good old advice for anybody who is afraid of the commitment of pattern, and who thinks they will easily get tired: try it on some toss pillows! They will make your room rock and can easily be changed.

Toss cushions in Cobistyle fabrics. Stay tuned for a
future blog on how to mix different patterns.

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