Friday, 24 August 2012

Summer sauna, part II

Remember this sketch? After many,many hours of work and some tweaking of the plans, our summer sauna is now up and running. With its grey-brown exterior and limited footprint, it is barely noticeable between the cedar trees. White aspen panelling covers the interior walls and makes the space bright and inviting. Not to mention the wonderful scent it gives off!

The project is not completed yet, but so far it's been a truly local affair; kiln-dried white aspen from Quality Hardwoods in Powassan, with North Bay's Thibault & Son Lumber Mill Wood Workshop creating the custom tongue-and-groove profile for the boards, and Fenno Manufacturing in Markham supplying the stove. Next is to finish the change room, complete the exterior and create a green roof. Stay tuned for part III!

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  1. What u wonderful sauna! The well-crafted details are just lovely. Thank you for sharing.


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