Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Design impressions from overseas

An old movie theatre, transformed into an
ultra-modern furniture store in Malmö hosts
Scandinavian and international design icons.
A mecca of inspiration!

Full of inspiration I'm back in northern Ontario again after three weeks abroad (with limited internet access, hence the sporadic postings recently). Traveling is for me an ideal way to recharge the batteries and fill up on my never-ending appetite for slick design and beautiful environments. 

My recent trip to Sweden took me to such diverse places as an 18th century rural home, an artist’s house in the archipelago and a downtown city rental. All homes cozy and embracing the renowned Scandinavian design style highlighting clean lines, natural materials and functionality. 

Swedes still love their white environments and I can't blame them. Together with colourful glass and accessories, and carefully selected crafts and personal items, white spaces feel full of life. Here are a few proofs of that:

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