Wednesday, 25 July 2012

An outdoor celebration of artistic talent

It is with arts & crafts as it is with food - both are best enjoyed outdoors! That was certainly the case last weekend, when Ash Creek Pottery hosted its 10th Annual Artist's Garden. More than twenty local artists displayed their unique pieces in a range of materials and disciplines; pottery, multimedia, wood, stone, iron, photography, glass and alpaca yarn to name a few. The backdrop: dazzling flower gardens, a quiet pond and a family of friendly goats grazing in the sunshine. All this accompanied by live music and a Tea Room offering seventeen different summer pies. What a great summer excursion!

Here are some snapshots from the event:

"My very own Picasso" by glass artist 
Norma Sanders, Trapped Glass.

These cute pots are by Wearable
Treasures from the shores of Lake 

Pottery by Tracy Thomas, Marvelous Mud.
Fun mugs by Rosemary Thomas.
Funky iron chair by artist, blacksmith
and jeweller Kathleen Atkinson-Hindle. 
Gorgeous quilt in a clean, fresh design by 
the North Bay chapter of Victoria's Quilts.
The organization donates handmade quilts to
people with cancer.  
The flower beds at Ash Creek Pottery are impressive
and inspiring. This one also features flowers that the
deer can't eat! By Pat Stamp, Ash Creek Pottery.

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