Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Cardboard takes away the guessing

Imagine the following scenarios:

1) You have finally found the perfect dining table. The style and finish are right. The price is within your budget. The only thing you're unsure of is the size. Is it too big?

Well how about making cardboard mock ups
of these coffee tables?
2) You have been presented with a kitchen layout from your cabinet manufacturer. It looks good on paper, but will the island feel too skimpy?

In those situations, try the cardboard test. It's a hands-on way to get a feel for how a certain piece will work in your space. You simply make mock ups of the real thing using cardboard. It's relatively easy, free and will give you peace of mind. This is the procedure:

You need big pieces of cardboard. Appliance stores are a good source; they are often happy to get rid of packaging from their floor models. On the cardboard, measure up the sizes of the pieces you are considering. Cut them out with a sturdy pair of scissors. Next, try the cut-out pieces in the space. If you want, put supports underneath (existing tables of similar) to get them off the floor and at the right height.

Now you can go back to the store or cabinet maker and make a self-confident and informed decision. Just what you want when you're getting something new.

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