Sunday, 4 March 2012

Big box Ottawa inspiration

Put fabrics on your walls! IKEA's fabulous, 
big-patterned textiles are ideal for that. Hang 
three different patterns next to each other for
a layered look. At less than $10 per meter you
can't go wrong. The effect? Bold, beautiful and
I love northern Ontario, but have to admit that I jump at any chance to go to the big city. And it's not the crowds and the commotion that attract me. It's the tons of ideas and inspiration I'm guaranteed to get during my urban ventures. Needless to say, when I had the opportunity to visit Ottawa last week, I didn't think twice.

I researched various design destinations, but as it turned out, it was IKEA's new flagship store - the largest in Canada - that became the highlight of this trip.

With their modern, no-fuss approach to design, IKEA continues to be a refreshing source for inspiration. Especially if you're looking for storage solutions and eye-catching design that will not break the bank. The company's well thought-out shopping experience also adds to the appeal. I was especially impressed by the new store's large, sit-down-and-relax area next to the huge restaurant, a mini-movie theatre for those in the family who don't like shopping, and of course the customary cheap and attractive food options and multiple kids' play areas.

In a separate posting, I'll give you ideas on how to repurpose and customize IKEA's product range. For now, I'll show you some of my IKEA favourites:
This transparent, chrome-plated chair
looks slick, and is a great option for 
any space where you want an airy 
This fun table has a removable tray.
Practical and stylish!
A great option for compact living. The chairs
embrace the table and don't take up any
unnecessary space. 
This glass table top with a floral pattern makes
office work something to look forward to.

More great fabrics for your walls:
Anything displayed in this funky, red bowl will look tasty and attractive:

Start a collection of colourful glass!
The reflective surface and happy 
green of this piece is sure to call 
for attention.

Does your couch feel oversized and stuffy? Balance it
with this simple, yet elegant chair for an overall lighter 
impression in your room. 

And for extra seating that you can easily stow away, 
why not go for a casual stool made from banana fibre? 
The natural material will give the room a warm, organic 

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