Sunday, 26 February 2012

Creativity in wood

Inspiration and material right outside your doorstep! For designer and craftsman Sean Ledoux that's a reality. The surroundings of his studio, on the edge of a North Bay forest, have everything he needs for his projects. Whether it's a gigantic tree stump or a differently-shaped branch, Sean finds a place for these elements in his highly personalized and unique designs. By harvesting and milling his own material, he has maximum control over its quality and grain. And that's important for a passionate woodworker! Sean's furniture and art pieces are sold to residences and corporations, and can also be seen in a number of public spaces. We are many who have admired the Forest Dreamscape Installations at One Kids' Place in North Bay, where he was part of the team. Take a look for yourself!

There are many small friends to 
discover on the art installations 
at One Kid's Place.
An early piece made from steamed walnut and
elm. The drawer opens from either side. 
A non-traditional approach to the dresser.
A privately commissioned chair for a 
dentist's office. Note the smiling mouth!

Have a bowl or lidded box made from your favourite 
tree! This collection shows some of the vessels Sean 
has created on the lathe. 
Walnut salad bowl.
Dovetail detail.
Frame made from reclaimed wood.
Collaboration with painter Brian Kelley

Pedestal table from new line of

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