Monday, 26 March 2012

Trick your eyes with wallpaper

Do you have a room at home that feels small and narrow? Or does a space appear too big and impersonal? Wallpaper can help you camouflage these problems. Here's how:

Narrow room: A horizontally striped wallpaper will visually broaden the room. The horizontal line will also "bring down" a high ceiling.

Low ceiling: Pick a wallpaper with vertical lines to make the ceiling seem higher.

Oddly-shaped room: A patterned wallpaper, like a floral, will remove attention from strange angles and odd shapes in a room. It will also hide imperfect walls.

Small room: Classic design theories call for small patterns in small rooms. However, many designers today claim that big design motifs visually expand a room.

Make a narrow room seem 
wider with horizontal stripes.
Colours: A light-coloured wallpaper will make a small room seem bigger, and a darker wallpaper will make it seem smaller. If you like a dark shade but want to prevent the room from looking to sombre, pick a wallpaper with a nice sheen. It will reflect some light into the room.

Big, impersonal room: Try a wallpaper with a big pattern in a darker, warm colour and with a rough texture. This will visually make the walls "come closer" and create a more cozy feeling.

The sheen and vertical pattern of 
this wallpaper make it a good 
candidate for a smaller space
with a low ceiling.
A floral or any other patterned wallpaper
will camouflage imperfect and oddly-shaped

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