Monday, 23 January 2012

When white is right

White is the perfect backdrop for this
sculptural, wooden railing. The white
also makes the bright pink accessory
stand out. Use different textures and 
materials in your space, and a range 
of whites to avoid a cold, clinical

I lived in Spain for many years, and in that country at that time, there was never any doubt about what colour to paint the walls: always white! White was a natural choice, providing coolness during hot summer months and highlighting beautiful architectural features so abundant in that part of the world.

Even if white isn't an obvious choice for us in northern Ontario, it can still be right for your space. Here are ten situations when you should consider white:

1) If your home is dark and you wish to brighten it up.
2) When you want or need a really clean space.
3) If you own a great art collection and want to show it off.
4) When you have colourful, statement pieces of furniture.
5) When your space has many textured and warm surfaces, such as a rough brick wall, wooden beams, or an impressive stone fireplace.
6) If you want a beautiful view to speak for itself.
7) When your home has many interesting architectural features.
8) If you easily get tired of colours.
9) If you have a lot of bright, colourful accessories.

10) When you're working with and are surrounded by colours in your job and want a break from colours at home.

There is a seemingly endless array of whites to choose from, so take your time. Stay away from stark, bright white. Look at other colours in your home and determine if you should have a white with a slightly grey, beige, or any other colour as undertone. Do the sample test described in my previous posting. Links to lists of best-selling whites can be your starting point. Let me know how it goes!

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