Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Compact-living solutions

The classic space saver: the Murphy
bed. There were lots of them at the
show. Below you see a few more

Are you suffering from the small-space-lots-of-stuff syndrome? Then you should pay special attention to your furniture choices and how you organize your space. I attended the Interior Design Show in Toronto this past weekend and it was all about compact condo living. Obviously, northern Ontario is not Toronto, but the challenges are sometimes the same.

My best advice when space is tight is to start with your storage capabilities. If storage is scarce, you have to create space for your belongings in your present environment. Use shelving, furniture with storage, furniture that does double duty, and mobile arrangements that you can tuck away or hide behind curtains. If you can spare one entire wall of a room, you can fill it with shelves. Extend a curtain rod (or wire) the whole length of the wall and let a colourful fabric hide it all. Voilà! You've created storage and a beautiful feature wall at the same time!

Here are a few more ideas, as seen at IDS12. Watch out for my trend report from the show. Coming soon!

Let your furniture do double duty if space it tight.
These cubes actually do triple duty; as side tables,
extra seating and storage boxes. Smart!
This media centre also uses the sides
for storage.
Colourful Murphy beds.

You can actually close the doors to this kitchen
unit, hiding all the gadgets. Or, if you're organized
and have beautiful china you want to display, 
leave them open. Depending on how you display
the objects inside, the unit can act as a piece of 
art in itself.
This bookcase/room divider from cb2 is fun, 
practical and decorative. 

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  1. Thank you for these practical, space-saving tips. A lot of homeowners would do well to put them into practice.


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