Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A fresh start

Happy New Year! 

I’ve mentioned before how much I love fresh flowers. They are the absolutely cheapest and easiest way to instantly cheer up a space. Not only do they introduce a pop of colour, fresh flowers also fill the room with life and a subtle scent. Beauty for the senses! 

This New Years Eve I was SO excited when I entered the store to get my groceries. Why? Because in one lonely bin in the flower department stood my all-time favourite: tulips! There they were, in a range of colours, buds barely open and with light green leaves. Fragile and strong at the same time. The ultimate spring flower. With fresh tulips at home, we can trick our minds and fast forward to longer, lighter days. Needless to say, one gorgeous orange-yellow bouquet came home with me. My ideal way to begin the new year! Do you have other suggestions for a fresh start?

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