Sunday, 13 November 2011

Focus on dining rooms

What is the focus of this room? Ask yourself that question in every room. The focus will most often relate to the main activity that will take place in that space. So in a bedroom, the focal point will be the bed; in a library, it will be the bookshelves and so on. Make these areas the shining stars of your d├ęcor! In the dining room, it's the dining table that should be highlighted and embellished. Here are five tips to get it right:

            Highlight the dining area by placing
            tall objects below the light fixture.
            Photo: Crate & Barrel.
1) Place the dining table right in the centre of the room.
2) Make sure your dining room has a stunning light fixture. Bigger is better than smaller!
3) Place decorative objects that reach up from the table to the light fixture. It can be a bouquet of flowers, some candlesticks or a beautiful bowl. This way you create an axis from floor to ceiling that the eye will be drawn to.
4) Add interest to the side walls surrounding the dining table. A sideboard with a framed mirror and a pair of wall sconces might be a choice for one of the walls, while the opposite wall is adorned with a group of paintings. Now you have further enhanced the floor-to-ceiling axis. There is no question about what the main feature of the room is.
5) Dress your table in a table cloth that complements the colours and textures of the space, take out your best china and cutlery and let the entertaining begin!

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