Sunday 27 November 2011

Crafty Christmas Creations

Berries framed in ice. Pour water in a shallow pan and leave
outside in freezing conditions. Loosen carefully and stick in the 
snow. To achieve a crystal clear, transparent surface, the ice 
should form as slowly as possible, i.e. not in extremely cold 
temperatures. In the freezer, the ice often turns frosty, not 

The countdown for Christmas has begun; only a few more weeks to go! Out comes the box with decorations (it's a pretty big box), and along with it, my special collection of holiday DIY objects. These projects are all simple, unique and beautiful - exactly what I wish for the season. They often also involve an activity that can be shared with others. So, double the fun! After all, isn't that what this time of year is all about?

I'd love to hear about your favourite Christmas project! What's cooking in your own DIY workshop?
You'll need a heart-shaped cookie cutter, 
a flower bud and thin wire to make
this adorable outdoor decoration. Put the
flower bud in the cookie cutter, shape the
the wire as a loop. Add water, making
sure the wire is immersed in water. Freeze.
Hold the heart in your hands for awhile and 
it will come out from the cookie cutter and
will be ready to hang.
Who doesn't like ginger cookies?
Not only do they taste good, they 
also look fabulous in the Christmas
More ginger cookies, this time made of felted wool. 

Paperwhites are the ultimate Christmas flower. 
Delicate, proud and sweet.

Plant them in a tall glass
container to enhance the
vertical shape. The visible
root system adds texture
and interest.
A creative spin on the traditional wreath.
This one is made of recycled sweaters, 
yes sweaters, cut in squares and triangles.
I saw it in Chatelaine last year and thought
it was ingenious! You'll need thick-gauge
wire, 3 to 5 old sweaters, good fabric scissors
and ribbon. Bend the wire into the shape of a 
wreath with a loop at one end. Thread the
knitted squares onto the wire, until 1 inch of the
wire remains. Feed the wire end through the loop
and twist to close. Finish off with a large bow.
Another stunning wreath from Chatelaine, this
one made from pot scrubbers!
Apples double as candle holders. 
Natural and simple.

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