Monday, 21 November 2011

Favourite fireplaces

Noll ClimateCare's product range includes fireplaces from Regency 
contemporary gas fireplace is from Regency.
Fireplaces are hot this time of year, in more than one way. I visited one of our local suppliers, Noll ClimateCare, to learn about the latest trends and highlights. Here they are:

1) Fireplaces are taking centre stage in our homes, with a prime location and dramatic flames. Gas options continue to be a popular choice, and contemporary lines are more and more in demand. The shape is often horizontal, with inner, reflective panels that amplify the appearance of the fire.

Crystal firebeds add sparkle
and interest.

2) Firebeds can be so much more than traditional logs, whether real or ceramic. Contemporary alternatives include multi-coloured crystals, ceramic spa stones and river pebbles. These options will intensify the sparkle and provide additional reflection.

3) When buying a new fireplace, be clear about where it's going and what its purpose will be. Will it be the sole heat source in the house, will it supplement other heat sources, or do you want it solely for aesthetic reasons? This will determine the size and the heat output you should look for.

4) Be true to the style of your home when choosing a fireplace. To help you visualize how a certain fireplace will look in your own room, visit the Regency Fireplace Design Centre.

Electric fireplace from Napoleon Quality Fireplaces.
5) Today there is a great deal of flexibility when it comes to the installation of a gas fireplace; it does not necessarily have to be close to an outside wall. Electric fireplaces can be installed basically anywhere, whereas wood and pellet stoves are more limited when it comes to their location.

6) We used to relate "high definition" to audio and visual devices, now it's also the name of a fireplace. And speaking of high definition, if you just want the sound and image of a fire, there are many videos with sparkling fires that you can download online and show on your TV screen. If you can't make it, fake it! This said though, nothing beats the real thing. Just take a look at these inspiring environments with "real" flames:

Gas fireplace from Regency.
Direct vent gas fireplace from Napoleon.
Three-sided gas fireplace from Regency.
Vent-free gas fireplace from Napoleon.

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