Thursday, 22 January 2015

Colour beats the winter blues

If you, like me, spend most of your visit at the Royal Ontario
Museum at their aquarium, awestruck by the vibrancy inside,
you know for sure that you're suffering from colour deprivation!
Some call it cabin fever, I call it colour deprivation!

As winter is holding us in a firm grip, let's lift our spirits by springing into colour, and let's do it pronto, no better time than now.

While we're at it, let's also have some fun! That means going beyond the typical addition of accent pillow, colourful throw or bouquet of tulips. I'm talking real projects here with a colourful impact. After all, when we're over it, we can always paint over it.

Here we go:
Paint trim, baseboards and mouldings a cheery yellow!
Photo: Remodelista.
If youre walls have wainscoting, try a vibrant green that goes
so well with this black-and-white scheme. Photo: Benjamin
I am craving colour in my windows now! In this
photo the purple/mauve curtains provide nice
contrast to the yellow-green chairs and pillows.
This is such a fun idea, which can be done fairly quickly,
with a lovely, humorous result. Photo: Better Homes and
Here's a variation of the same idea.
Photo: Petitepassport. 
Let me know if you have other colourful ideas to beat the winter blues. I'm off to get more inspiring ideas at the Interior Design Show in Toronto. Watch out for my trend report!

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  1. I am a fan of the "change the curtains" approach to adding colour to my rooms. Rental living doesn't always allow for wall painting, so it's a quick way to add colour. I was inspired by the painted legs of some of those chairs. I have a beautiful old set of pressed back chairs... I can only imagine what they would look like if I painted their legs!!! (Don't worry Dad, I won't do it!)


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