Friday, 12 September 2014

Design lessons from Jamaica

Hot, bright colours and cool, breezy interiors. That's the interior design slant of my recent mini-vacation in Jamaica.

The upscale Montego Bay resort where I stayed bravely mixed heavy, dark furniture with bold colour combos. It was a tropical interpretation of the Spanish colonial style, wrapped in marble, glass and shiny metals. At times exaggerated, and far from your every-day Jamaican home of course, it was interesting for a design enthusiast like myself.

Here are three design lessons that I was reminded of during my stay:

1) Scale and proportion: If you have the space you can really go for it. Big rooms require big furniture. And soaring ceilings call for heavy light fixtures and pieces that draw the eyes up. 
Breathtaking, high ceilings in the hotel lobby.
2) Round shapes: There are so many square and rectangular surfaces in a house. To avoid the sharp corners and in order to break up all the straight lines, it's good to introduce some roundness, whether it's in the yard or inside. Meandering paths, round mirrors and semi-circular tables are just a few ways to give a space some softness.

Semi-circular "swim-up" bar.

3) Hot climates, bright colours: The climate we live in definitely affects the way we decorate. In the north we tend to hold back and choose neutrals and subtle colour combinations, creating soothing interiors that reflect our surroundings. On a tropical island filled with colourful birds, fish, people and vegetation, the interiors are likely to be playful and bold against a white backdrop.


This cool  blue would be a rare colour choice for a northern Ontario restaurant,
don't you think? In Jamaica, it right at home!

The hotel bar area featured an interesting mix of textures,
materials, shapes and colours. The illuminated bar itself draws
visitors in (more than once!).
Even though the interiors were interesting, it was outside, on the beach, where I spent most of the time.

Until next time, Jamaica!


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