Saturday, 7 June 2014

Vintage pieces I wish I'd bought

Something old, something new... Nice interiors are often filled with both. And while new furniture is great for updating a tired room, few things beat vintage pieces when it comes to injecting personality and charm.

Summer is prime season for vintage hunting. Garage sales, outdoor antique shows and flea markets abound, and we're in the mood for fun and adventure, which is exactly what these places offer.

Butterfly chair.

Interestingly, when it comes to vintage, I only regret the things I didn't buy. And I regret them a lot! Years after the fact I still cringe when thinking about pieces I left behind. Like the ten dollar iconic leather "Butterfly chair", or the 30 dollar mid-century dresser, both from one of our local thrift stores. Or the beautifully ornate screen from an antique store in Cambridge. Why I didn't buy them? Because I didn't really need them at the time, because our storage room was full, and because they required some TLC. Three good reasons, I thought. What a mistake!

Lesson learned: this summer I'll just follow my instinct. When the price is right and the piece is irresistibly unique, iconic or charming, I'll just buy it. I'll find a space for it and I'll fix it up (eventually). 

Most importantly, I'll certainly have fun looking for it, and I hope you will too. Happy vintage hunting!

My latest obsession: vintage plates.
Definitely a low commitment, you
can get a whole set for less than
$10. If I ever get tired of them,
I'll simply pass them on. In the
meantime, I'll have fun varying
plates according to meals and mood. 


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