Sunday, 1 June 2014

Vested Interest: The exotic side of Callander

Vested Interest is back in Callander, and continues to take us on exotic and flavourful trips around the world. 

Filled with peaks and rafters and a beautiful wooden staircase, the bright red building that houses the new store is almost worth a visit in itself.

Although Vested Interest has something for all seasons, it's in the summer that the store excels, with its colourful accessories that will bring joy to your home. 

Here are some of my favourites from my first visit to the Callander location last week:

Fish swimming in formation, adding a touch of fun
to any summer display.
More fish. I love this trio of hot pads/trays.

I was thrilled to find this stylish and sturdy design classic
among the kitchen accessories! The Margarethe mixing
bowl by Swedish designer Sigvard Bernadotte, makes 
whisking, beating, or stirring delightful. Great for a hostess
All-weather cushion in happy colours.
Paddles with patina
will bring interest to a
lonely corner.
Great for lounging on the deck, headrest included.
Interesting cups and decorations in a thin layer of tin.

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