Saturday, 29 March 2014

New location - great rooms

The Great Room store entrance on 390 First
Ave. E. in North Bay.

Who doesn't want a great room? If you're the least interested in design, the answer is probably a resounding "I certainly do"!

A good first step to achieving that objective is to check out the store with the same name in downtown North Bay. The Great Room recently moved to the lower floor of a 1909 house on 390 First Ave. E, just next to Fischer.

The 800 square-foot area is divided in various rooms, and provides an intimate setting for the store's classic and contemporary pieces. Take a look!
If you like white-washed pieces - which is my case - this is a great mirror.

Grey couch from G Romano. The tufted bench seat, narrow
arm rests and overall straight lines give it a light, tailored look,
despite its width. 
Blue - a hot colour this spring.

A versatile, wooden console.

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